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Thank You For Your Interest in Donating To
The Chicagoland LGBTQ Services Directory!

Maintaining a website as comprehensive as the Directory is an expensive endeavor, and we need your help to keep it current and running smoothly. Every dollar given by you will go directly to fund the maintenance and growth of the website. We know you have many options for giving and deeply appreciate any gift you are able to afford; no matter how small or large.

Simply click here to donate.

Here is How We Will Put Your Dollars to Work

Maintenance for the Current Version of the Website:

  • Web-hosting fees
  • Fund work-study students who conduct research to find new services with emphasis on those areas and populations most under-served (south and west sides of Chicago, suburbs, exurbs, collar counties, lesbian, seniors, communities of color, etc.)
  • Fund the work of our developer who provides maintenance and upgrades to the website

Growing the Website for the Future:

  • Adding a calendar function to list all services, or the user’s selected services, on any given day
  • Enhancing the Google Map function to allow users to input their starting point and get directions to their selected service
  • Adding individual service providers to the Directory with the ability for users to write reviews on those service providers
  • Adding a feature for the visually-impaired to access the site
  • Expansion of the current category list of services and resources
  • Improving our search function
  • Enhancing the range of the Directory to the state of Illinois and beyond